President Obama Welcomes Inventors To White House For First Ever Public ‘Demo Day’

President Obama welcomes innovation in public ‘Demo Day’

When everybody is participating and given a shot, there’s nothing we cannot do. …Because when we’ve got everybody on the field, that’s when you win games.

– President Obama at Boise State University, January 2015

For the very first time, the White House is inviting the public to show off their creations for the first ever public ‘Demo Day,’ where entrepreneurs and inventors can show off their ingenious creations.

The White House website says:

The first-ever White House Demo Day will bring together entrepreneurs from all walks of life, from all across the country. And unlike a private-sector Demo Day, where entrepreneurs show off for funders, ours will “demo” individual success stories, highlighting the individual journeys of a diverse set of entrepreneurs—people whose stories show exactly why we need to grow the pie to make sure there’s opportunity for everyone in our innovation economy.

Anyone with a creation or idea or progressive type business can enter to get the chance show off their creations, there is also a spot on the White House’s website to nominate someone else to enter.

One such man trying to get involved for Demo Day is Solar Man from Arizona, Joseph Hui, and his company Monarch Power. Hui is harnessing solar power in cool new ways, and if he is able to go to the White House he will make gourmet foods for the President with his Solar Man Grill, Solar Man Ellipse frier, and skewered SoLFooD, among other neat inventions that use clean energy to reinvent old ideas.

Shrimp Kebobs made using only solar energy.

Coconut Jalapeno Shrimp Kebobs made using only solar energy.

Hui is also writing a book called What’s the Matter with Energy? and has aspirations of building a solar-powered amusement park someday called Solar Wonderland.

Hui says:

My best invention, the Hui turbine, is small, inexpensive, efficient, and simple. I want that for every family and that would make distributed generation by solar heat or natural gas heat the norm. That is the foundation of combined heat, chill, and electricity generation making the power companies our back up power supply.

Hui’s second best invention could solve California’s water shortage which uses AC power to desalinate water. It is small, inexpensive and much more energy efficient than other water desalination products on the market. The product could have global impacts making water purification easier and affordable for nations with water shortages.

Should Hui get the spot, his dream to have his inventions in homes across America could become a reality. With Demo Day the President and the nation will become aware of new practical applications of solar power, and funders will have the chance to turn Hui’s inventions into a global sensation.

The White House’s website goes on to say:

Because if we’re going to keep our lead as the best place on the planet to start and scale the next big innovative idea into a world-changing company, we’ve got to make sure more startup hotbeds emerge in every corner of America, and that those underrepresented in entrepreneurship are being tapped to fully contribute their entrepreneurial talents.

Obama has been incredibly supportive of finding new ways to harness clean energy and new ideas to help keep America on top of creative ideas and innovation. No official date has been announced as of yet, but more information will be released from the White House in the coming weeks.

If you or someone you know would like to enter to get a chance to show off your unique ideas to the President of the United States, click here to fill out the entry form.

H/T: Solar Man | Photo: White House

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