POTUS Kicks Off His NEW FACEBOOK PAGE With An Awesome Video Tour Of His Backyard (VIDEO)

President Obama will go down in history as the President who brought the office of the Chief Executive into the digital age. From the earliest days of his administration, the president has used social media to offer a level of public transparency unlike any seen before.

You may remember when the President launched his Twitter account. He was greeted by millions of people, many of whom were there to call him names and be spiteful little trolls. Today he launched his own facebook page, and at first glance it appears that he won’t be putting up with being called 287 idiotic versions of the N-word.

Conservatives, who routinely call for “more transparency” on the part of the administration are now beside themselves that a team of staffers (who have been with the president for seven years) are being paid by the taxpayers to make sure that the flow of information is being handled properly from not only the president’s new social media accounts but from the White House’s main website and all of the other agencies that fall under the purview of the executive branch.

President Obama has been truly revolutionary in keeping the American people in the loop.

Watch POTUS give a video tour of his backyard while advocating for climate change below:



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