‘No F*cks To Give’ Obama REJECTS Keystone XL Pipeline

On Friday morning, President Obama once again proved his field of fucks are barren and rejected the Keystone XL Pipeline.

In February, after some Democrats (the oil industry’s bitches) and Republicans demanded that Obama approve the pipeline construction, he vetoed it. The president has made the environment a top priority during his administration and he doesn’t really give a crap who he pisses off in the process.

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Obama understands that if we do not start taking care of our planet and reduce our footprint, climate change is just going to get worse. One of his legacies will be the steps he took to change our environmental laws for the better in spite of the push back. Republicans couldn’t care less.

They do not care that our ice caps are melting. They do not care that we have entered the largest mass extinction since the dinosaurs. They throw snowballs on the Senate floor to disprove the Global Warming theory that 97 percent of scientists agree with. They look at the drought in California and pretend that it is normal. President Obama knows that they will scorch the earth and poison the wells in order to ensure that their corporate overlords are making maximum profits.

When he rejected TransCanada’s request to build the pipeline this morning, he said:

The pipeline would not make a meaningful longterm contribution to our economy.

The pipeline has been shrouded in controversy for more than seven years. It was to be built by TransCanada Corp., and would have run 1,179 miles from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Republicans touted the pipeline as a magical job creator that would also lead us to energy independence. However, the State Department said that although it would have employed more than 42,000 jobs during construction, only 50 employees would have been required to actually operate it.

Fifty jobs hardly justifies the environmental impact. Furthermore, in order to build the pipeline, a Canadian company would have had to force people of off their land. According to ThinkProgress:

For Julia Trigg Crawford, watching TransCanada construct the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline on a corner of her 600-acre farm was “gut-wrenching”…. But she ultimately lost, the portion of her land needed for the pipeline condemned through eminent domain — a process by which government can force citizens to sell their property for “public use,” such as the building of roads, railroads, and power lines. Crawford can’t wrap her head around why TransCanada, a foreign company, was granted the right of eminent domain to build a pipeline that wouldn’t be carrying Texas oil through the state of Texas.

That’s right, a foreign company was seizing land to build THEIR pipeline.

Thankfully, our president had the good sense to reject this horrid project. Big Oil sucking Republicans are going to go batshit crazy, but Obama is all out of fucks and will brush it off.



Featured image via TPNN

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