New GOP Response For #FlintWaterCrisis: Blame Obama

Well, this didn’t take long. First, Snyder tried to cover up the ecological and humanitarian disaster in Flint, Michigan. Then, when that didn’t work, they tried to deflect blame to public workers. That didn’t work either, so now they’re falling back on a tried and true technique: blame President Obama.

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The disaster in Flint, Michigan was a slow motion one caused by multiple failures in government (not the government itself, but the people running the government).

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Thursday, new emails revealed Snyder’s office knew about the presence of the Legionella bacteria months before they went public with it — a bacteria that caused ten deaths and infected over 80 people.

Before that, it was revealed that Snyder’s office also knew about the lead in the water, but they kept reassuring everyone it was fine. Furthermore, Snyder’s emergency manager law, a law drafted in place with explicit intent to harm the pensions of state workers, caused the whole mess.

No matter how you look at this, the responsibility falls back on Snyder. He appointed the emergency manager, his office knew about the lead, and it stretches credulity to assume that his office knew about the Legionella bacteria months ahead of time and Snyder wasn’t remotely aware.

The Michigan GOP knows this. That’s why, after failing to deflect the blame multiple times, they’ve decided to fall back on their trump card: attacking President Obama.


Republicans control almost every aspect of this state’s government. They’ve done so for the last five years, and during that time they’ve destroyed countless school districts, several majority black cities, and poisoned an entire population.

What you’re seeing here isn’t steps they took to prevent this problem, because Republicans don’t prevent problems. What you’re seeing are steps they took to deflect blame, because the Republican MO is pretty simple: get elected for claiming government can’t work, destroy the government, and then claim they were right all along.

Besides, I thought the Republicans wanted less interference from the federal government. Why are they criticizing the federal government for doing what they’ve said it should do since Reagan was president? They’re in such a blind rush to pin the blame on anyone who isn’t them they can’t even hold a consistent ideology.

Does Obama deserve any blame? No. He’s hamstrung by Republicans who control the purse strings and have a visceral hatred for anything that isn’t from their own district. So, looking at this situation, what’s the one common feature that appears time and again at every level of this problem?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s not President Obama and the Democrats.

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