NC City Council Stops Solar Farm Saying They’ll Cause Cancer And ‘Suck Up’ The Sun

What happens when we deplete science and education of the resources it needs? A Woodland, North Carolina city council has rejected a measure that would have rezoned an area in the city that would make way for a solar farm.

“You’re killing your town,” Woodland resident Bobby Mann said to the city council in the meeting. “All the young people are going to move out.” But Mann wasn’t speaking out in support of the solar farm, instead he was against it because it would “suck up” the sun’s energy and stop businesses from coming to the area.

Where did Mann get such an insane idea? From his wife, who is a retired science teacher. She echoed her sentiment to the council saying that she believed solar panels would hinder photosynthesis and kill vegetation. Also, solar panels cause cancer, according to Mrs. Mann. A town nearby evidently has solar panels and people there have cancer as well, thus the solar panels must be the cause of it.

I want to know what’s going to happen. I want information. Enough is enough. I don’t see the profit for the town. People come with hidden agendas. Until we can find if anything is going to damage this community, we shouldn’t sign any paper.

So the town rejected the measure to bring in tons of new business, new jobs and create sustainable energy that would be more affordable to residents.

Representatives of the solar farm, Strata Solar Company, that wanted to move into Woodland attempted to explain that the solar panels “didn’t draw additional sunlight” and that the technology was safe. No one believed them.

Sometimes you read something so absurd you just shake your head. This is one of those moments where there are really no words to describe the face-palm of a moment. And that and the lack of jobs will be the drivers behind young people fleeing the town of Woodland.

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