Moby Wants You To Stop Showering – Some People Might Find It Better Than The Alternative (VIDEO)

The California drought is at the panic stage, yet for most Americans, it’s life as usual. Most Americans don’t know that the drought will eventually drive up the costs of most of our food, no matter where we live and that there are some things each and every American can do to help.

The very biggest consumer of water in California isn’t fracking; it isn’t golf courses or even almonds. The biggest consumer of water is the cattle industry. If Americans stopped eating beef, it would help a lot.

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Moby, who’s best known, of course, as a musician, but also as an animal rights and environmental activist, has started a new project called “Skip Showers for Beef.”

Moby is a vegan, but he knows most Americans have no interest in being vegan, so his solution is to offer an alternative: stop showering.

Each hamburger requires about 450 gallons of water to produce. That’s the equivalent of about 26 showers. The campaign isn’t completely tongue-in-cheek. Fewer showers would certainly help, although if someone in water-logged Texas were to skip a shower or 26, it wouldn’t have the same effect as that same person skipping a hamburger. Still, baby wipes can stall off a shower for a day. They even recommend dirt baths. For me, though, it’s easier to forgo a hamburger than to skip showers, especially if I sweat during the day.

More than anything, the project is about awareness. Everyone in this country can help with the California drought. If you don’t want to stop eating beef, fine, but cutting down will help.

Here’s more about the project, enjoy, it’s very funny:

Have you tried to cut back on water? Put your suggestions in the comments.

Featured image via Wikimedia.

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