Mitch McConnell Writes Letter Telling States To Ignore President Obama

Since signing Senator Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran was just simply a “huge success” that everyone got behind, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to create an anti-Obama letter of his very own. Why should Senator Cotton get to hog all the treason? I mean, McConnell has been obstructing the president for much longer and therefore has way more anti-Obama seniority.

Writing disapproving letters is what all the hip and cool conservative kids are doing these days, so Mitch McConnell jumped on the bandwagon with one of his own. 

Senator McConnell’s letter to the National Governors Association claims that a new proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon emissions, known as the Clean Power Plan, isn’t legal. And since the EPA is run by that Muslim black guy who should be more like serial rapist Bill Cosby, states should pay no attention to it.

[T]he fact is, it is the EPA that is failing to comply with the law here,” McConnell wrote in a Thursday letter to the National Governors Association, saying the administration’s proposed rule requiring states to cut emissions by making power plants more efficient goes “far beyond its legal authority.

This proposed plan is already on shake legal grounds, will be extremely burdensome and costly, and will not seriously address the global environmental concerns that are frequently raised to justify it,” he wrote. (TPM)

But a senior adviser to President Barack Obama shot back at McConnell, condemning McConnell’s move as out of bounds. He promised that the EPA wouldn’t be deterred in implementing the rule.

What you have is the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, going way outside the bounds of the position he was elected to,” said Brian Deese at a breakfast for reporters hosted by the Christian Science Monitor. (TPM)

In short, what we have is yet another shady attempt by an obstructive party to jeopardize the work that Republicans refuse to do.

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