Marco Rubio Doesn’t Know What’s Going On In Flint But He Thinks Government Should Stay Out Of It (VIDEO)

Flint Michigan’s water crisis is major news across the nation. An entire city was willfully poisoned with lead in order to save $1,200 a year on water costs. State officials knew it was happening. They let it continue. It’s a freakin’ criminal act. And, the Republican response, when asked about it is “What water crisis?”

If ISIS poisoned an entire U.S. city’s water supply, every Republican in the nation would be screaming for a nuclear response. When a Republican governor does it – there’s suddenly nothing to see here.

Marco Rubio, who some say is going to be the eventual nominee for President of the United States, displayed his presidential qualifications in the response he gave when asked about the Flint water crisis.


So, Marco says he wasn’t “briefed” on the situation, but he thinks that the federal government definitely shouldn’t get involved.

I’m sure the state government which has handled things SO WELL will take care of this right quick!

To be fair, Marco is the first one asked about the issue from the 2016 candidates. However, since he is a Republican, you can extrapolate what the answer would have been from any of the other candidates – a lot of Uhhh and Ummm and non-answers. There’s no excuse for it. Everyone in the nation knows about the situation. For Marco to act like he doesn’t is insulting to the intelligence of Americans.

Republicans simply do not care about this sort of thing. Their answer will be less regulation and let the “free market” sort it out.

Watch Marco’s well thought out and incredibly informed response below:

Featured image via USA Today screen capture

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