Lindsey Graham Said Sandy Victims Weren’t Good Enough For Federal Aid, But His State Sure Is. (VIDEO)

Republican Hypocrisy is no real surprise even to a minimally informed Progressive, but Lindsey Graham takes his on nation-wide display on CNN in the video below. He said not to worry about the price tag for South Carolina relief, and “whatever it costs, it costs.”  Fiscal responsibility much?

Lindsey Graham is one of many Republicans that absolutely HATE helping people who need it, because somehow if they are ignored they will magically find this ability to help themselves when they have no resources.

They will love you for the fact that you ignored “gave them the opportunity” to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

Lindsey kept saying to Wolf Blitzer on CNN, that he couldn’t remember why he voted against it. I wasn’t able to find a specific reason he personally gave, but here is a list of things that contributed to his delicate emotional state at the time.
  1. He was pissed off over the nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense.
  2. He was pissed off over the recently concluded fiscal cliff negotiations, which Republicans lost.
  3. He was pissed off over the national debt and wanted to make a point about out-of-control spending before the upcoming debt ceiling showdown.
  4. He was pissed off over sequester caps that prevented big increases in military spending.
  5. He was pissed off over flood insurance provisions in the bill, which had been loudly denounced by the Club for Growth.
  6. He was pissed off over alleged pork in the aid bill.

Thanks to Mother Jones for this great list. They are probably correct on all of them.

Either way you cut it, this is pure Republican BS as usual, and another example of how Republicans love, love, love big government and big spending as long as they are the recipients of it.

Watch the video of Lindsey Graham lying about not voting against Sandy Aid:

Featured image: Gage Skidmore
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