Lego Going Green, General Motors Still Destroying Atmosphere (VIDEO)

In a recent announcement the Lego Corporation has decided to invest $1 billion over the next 15 years in an effort to go green, producing a more sustainable and environmentally safe product. This comes only eight months after dropping ties with the corporate giant Shell for its oil drilling in the arctic after having been continually slammed by environmental activists and groups like Greenpeace. Having partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) only two years ago it seems the child’s toy company is far wiser than most adult product companies like General Motors, and Chevron.

The child’s toy corporation is officially devoted to bettering the environment and producing more sustainable, renewable products, but GM continues to produce engines that run on petroleum with apparent indifference to their effect on the environment. Fifty years from now plastic Lego blocks will still be able to be used to learn and play posing only a small and manageable environmental threat with the plastics being a way of the past. Also 50 years from now the chlorofluorocarbons emitted today will be reaching our stratosphere and restructuring it in a manner to allow crop killing and temperature raising ultra violet rays through.

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Lego will be creating new jobs to work on the environmentally friendly project while GM continues its proven track record for layoffs, furloughs, and indefinite dismissals from jobs within the company. This is after a year full of the republican denial of green job creation through things like extending the wind production tax credit and the Solar investment tax credit which would produce environmentally safe jobs by numbers in the thousands all while promoting the environmental destruction of the keystone pipeline saying it produces strong secure American jobs which total a number of 35 permanent jobs.

Plastic degradation and disposal is a disparaging environmental threat that ravages landfills or incineration plants filling the environment with many toxins, some of which can even be lethal. This threat however hails in comparison to the effect on the environment by chlorofluorocarbon emission. (Chlorofluorocarbon is a byproduct of methane, ethane, and propane gases that substantially damage the ozone layer over time.) Despite the vast amount of evidence backing these environmental effects, companies like GM, ExxonMobil, and chevron continue on a destructive path to kill us all while Lego wizened up. We could all learn a lesson from this children’s toy factory; Lego literally means play well.

Watch a video of the Cinterview with the Lego corporation on CNN below

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