Latest Limbaugh Delusion:Liberals To Blame For Bad Weather Forecasts, MIT Disagrees

Rush Limbaugh is a delusional lunatic.  Every once in a while it just needs to be said.

The latest Limbaugh lunacy is all about the weather, ’bout the weather, no science.  Feel free to hum along.

Rush claims that liberals have corrupted everything.  Liberals, not the unpredictable nature of…nature, are responsible for weather forecasters getting it wrong.

Every inch of him is stupid from the bottom to the top:

I can’t tell you the number of times a record or major snow storm has been forecast — this year alone — I was just trying to think last night, trying to recall a couple of instances where they forecast something that is going to be really, really bad, and it hasn’t even come close to being, not even close to bad, much less really, really bad. And not just in New York but elsewhere around the country. It’s been a horrible, horrible year for forecasts. And the reason is, if i can cut to the quick, the left has corrupted everything. Just like the left has corrupted the professoriate, the faculty at major institutions of higher learning, the left has populated all of these bureaucracies. The Department of Commerce runs the National Weather Service, and do not believe that they’re not politicized. Look at after Hurricane Katrina, look at the very next hurricane season, global warming was responsible for Katrina and that meant Katrina was just the first many that were going to follow.

One of those institutes of higher learning Rush is talking about, MIT, may be better qualified to talk about the issue of exactly why climate-change is the cause of winter storm Juno, and the concept is pretty simple.  According to Professor Paul O’Gorman, who isn’t a college drop-out like Limbaugh, warmer winters are the cause of higher snowfall:

People may know the expression, ‘It’s too cold to snow’ — if it’s very cold, there is too little water vapor in the air to support a very heavy snowfall, and if it’s too warm, most of the precipitation will fall as rain.

There’s a ton of science to support the Professor’ study.  There’s a lack of education and a fan-base of idiots to support Limbaugh’s idiocy.

According to a 2006 study, we get more northern storms in warmer weather with higher-than-average snowfalls.

The NOAA says warmer sea temperatures are a major contributor to the conditions that storms like Juno find favorable.  What started as an Alberta clipper that in colder years would have swept out to sea with minimal snowfall in New England will instead hang on the coast and rotate, using the moisture in the air to dump a ton of snow.

sea surface temperatures

Warming-fueled sea surface temperatures provide the moisture storms like Juno need to thrive.  Courtesy of  NOAA.

In short, Limbaugh is a jackass.  In case you haven’t been paying attention.

Here’s the audio of Rush’s latest delusion for your listening disgust courtesy of Media Matters:


H/T: Climate Progress | Image: Charles Topher

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