Keystone Pipeline Leaks Up To 17,000 Gallons Of Oil Into South Dakota And Media Is SILENT (VIDEO)

Still wondering if the Keystone XL pipeline is a bad idea? The initial estimates of the “small 187 gallon” leak from the existing Keystone pipeline into the farmland and water of South Dakota were destroyed today with the real numbers coming from TransCanada. The new number stands at 17,000 gallons.


The mainstream media is largely ignoring the spill, which is the 5th incident since 2010, though it has been covered in the local news since the weekend. Maybe this catastrophic environmental f*ckup will wake up those that want the Keystone XL project to continue. The pipeline, which benefits America very little in the long run, places most of the risk squarely on our breadbasket agricultural states. And that risk just became glaringly obvious.

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Here is more food for thought, this leak was reported BY THE LANDOWNER: that means that TransCanada, the pipeline regulators, any government regulators, NONE OF THEM, caught a 17,000-gallon leak. Not until the people who live on that land SAW THE OIL COMING UP THROUGH THE GROUND. Gee, that sounds safe.

Let this be made clear, it doesn’t matter who pays for the clean-up. No clean-up will never return the land its natural state, and the damage will always be our problem, the farmer’s problem, and our children’s problem.

It would seem that the concerns about this project were justified. This “pipe dream” benefiting a handful of investors and foreign interests can only bite the USA squarely in the buttocks, just as the Keystone pipeline has, already, with an average of about one leak a year. Those just aren’t good odds.

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