Is He Drunk Again? John Boehner Offers Ridiculous Reason Behind Cali Drought (IMAGE)

The drought situation in California is seriously starting to play out like the plot in Chinatown, only without the coolness of Jack Nicholson. California remains in a drought and drier than Snoop Dogg’s mouth on 4/20, but fear not, as House Squeaker John Boehner has a perfectly good explanation for it.

The perpetually drunk Orange must be on another bender, after he took to Facebook on Tuesday to blame California’s worst drought in more than a thousand years, not on climate-change but on one man in particular. Take a wild a guess on whom that man might be? Here’s a hint: His name rhymes with Osama and he’s been getting blamed for sh*t for the past six years.

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Boehner also echoed Jesus’ famous teachings about having lush backyards when he asserted that, in the midst of the historic Dust Bowl, Americans have every god-given right to nice lawns. I guess he’s just upset that he can’t get in as many lobbyists-sponsored golf games.


Image via screen capture from Facebook

Of course this is the same man who recently said that he’s “not qualified to debate the science over climate change.” Well, that’s probably the most honest and reasonable thing he ever said, which naturally had to be totally contradicted very quickly.

Here’s what actual scientists had to say about the severe drought in California, via ThinkProgress:

Actual scientists explained earlier this year that the primary extent to which the drought has a man-made component is that man-made global warming is making it a lot worse. Man-made warming, they said, has led to record high temperatures. And according to the National Science Foundation, climate change has tripled the chances of the current weather pattern that has blocked California from getting precipitation (the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge).

But let’s face it, here: Boehner is just upset that he can’t use as much water in his scotch as he would like to.

Featured image via Facebook

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