Hundreds Of Union Workers Install Filters And Faucets In Flint Homes For Free (VIDEO)

Today, America got a firsthand glimpse at what a “union thug” is really all about. While unions and their dedicated, loyal workers are continuously degraded, threatened and disbanded, murderous governors like Rick Snyder still sit in their prestigious offices, collecting a hefty salary (paid for by the taxpayers).

Well those same union members that are constantly attacked showed just what it means to be a compassionate, caring human being when 370 members banded together, and for free, installed water filtration systems in the homes of those poisoned in the Flint water crisis.

The union workers are members of the Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry, also known as the United Association, and they acquired the faucets and filtration systems via donations from another union, the Plumbing Manufacturers International. While the government of Michigan sat by idly and did nothing, the “thugs” of the organized labor movement sprang into action, potentially saving many lives ad giving the residents of Flint back something that is the basic fundamental of life – clean water.

The workers also secured hundreds of faucets via donations from companies like Delta and Moen.

While the citizens of Flint were poisoned (and 10 killed), state workers received clean water for an entire year while the rest of the people, who are mostly low-income and black, suffered. Their government failed them, their governor failed them, and yes, the capitalist system failed them. So then enters the unions to help these people, and their care is a shining example of what happens when the human spirit is challenged by powerful forces. This is why the United States needs strong unions; not only do they protect workers, they protect and serve their communities.

Harold Harrington, one of the leaders of this effort, said:

We have been working with a lot of suppliers, our national union…. We have a number of suppliers and a number of local unions from around the state that are joining us — Detroit, Lansing, Saginaw. Hopefully, we have enough faucets and enough people to help the citizens of Flint. We’ve been trying since October, when this was first announced. I live in the city. I drank the water until October. Now, I drink bottled water. A filter won’t even fit my faucet.

The difference between progressive and conservative summed up right there. A conservative (like Rick Snyder and Jeb Bush) says “This hasn’t happened to me, I don’t care.” A Progressive (like Harrington and the union workers) says “This should never happen to anyone and that’s why I care.”

And care they do. This isn’t the first time union workers stepped up to help the Flint community. Earlier in January, with financial help from GM, union workers distributed over 50,000 bottles of clean water to Flint citizens.

While citizens wait for justice, and Michigan’s governor continues to fail is people, honest blue-collar workers are stepping up and doing the right thing.

Watch the video here:

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