GOP Governor Rick Snyder is LYING About Reason Flint Switched To Water That Poisoned The City

The Flint water crisis, that resulted in a case of lead poisoning which affected an entire city, has been explained away by state Republicans and their “emergency manager” stooges as a “money-saving measure.” It turns out this is a total lie.

In new information obtained after Governor Rick Snyder was forced to release emails related to the flint water crisis, it was found that the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) made Flint an offer for using their water that saved Flint $800 million over 30 years – 20 percent more than the current Republican plan to switch to the Karegnondi Water Authority which caused the crisis to happen. These are the same emails that Snyder refused to release back in 2013 when the first steps of this long ordeal began. He was finally compelled to release them when his act of right-wing domestic terrorism poisoned an entire American city.

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Below is a photo about one of the emails regarding the proposal

Now that we have proof the Flint water crisis was not spurred by “saving money,” what will the next explanation be?

There are already some ideas as to motivations for Republicans wanting to force through a more expensive and risky solution to Flint’s need for water.

One idea, which is very plausible, is that state Republicans wanted to force the Detroit water authority into bankruptcy, break it up, and ultimately privatize it. Flint would have been a huge customer for the DWSD over a 30-year time span. If Republicans blocked this, it would be easier to force it into insolvency, allowing an emergency manager to sell it for pennies to a private corporation.

Second, is that there is talk of Governor Snyder wanting to attach fracking development to the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline that is being built as the “alternative” for Flint in place of Detroit water. The Flint river was used as a stop-gap measure to supply water to Flint until the KWA pipeline was built. The KWA pipeline would then be able to service the water-intensive fracking industry.

Flint Michigan may have had its children poisoned with a lifetime of problems due to lead poisoning because a Republican governor’s corporate owners demanded a pipeline be built to enable fracking.

As of yet, there is no “smoking gun” document for either of these two possibilities, but an informed individual can make some very compelling factual assertions about them based on the Michigan Republican party’s behavior. Ever since Snyder became elected, Republican-appointed emergency managers have been selling off the state wholesale, pushing to break pensions, unions and all publicly held utilities they can, in an effort to sell the state out to private corporations. There is every reason to believe that either one or both of these possibilities was a primary factor in this intentional disaster.


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