GOP Governor of Alabama Stole BP Oil Spill Money From Citizens To Renovate Abandoned Mansion

Showing the purest example of Republican contempt for the common people, Alabama’s governor Robert Bentley pillaged money from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill fund to renovate an abandoned 7,500 square foot beachfront governor’s mansion.

This money was paid to offset ongoing financial hardships suffered by the citizens of Alabama, and to fund the environmental restoration of areas affected by the spill’s pollution. Instead, Bentley is going to sleaze away nearly two million dollars for what is literally a redundant governor’s mansion. He doesn’t even live in the freakin’ thing. It has been sitting abandoned since 1997 when Hurricane Danny damaged it.

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The new mansion will be used “occasionally” to wine and dine corporate executives into investing money in Alabama. Apparently one mansion isn’t enough to impress a CEO anymore in America.

One way to look at it is like this: Bentley is going to be using corporate funds paid to his state to renovate a mansion that will function as an adult frat house for some of the same people that caused the oil spill in the first place.

This is not the first willful misuse of BP settlement money. Eighty-five million dollars has already been used to fund a hotel and conference center on state-owned beach property. Keep in mind also, that Alabama has closed thirty DMV offices this year citing budget constraints. These are the same DMV offices that you need to go to in order to get state-issued ID cards which are required to vote in the state.

There is no money to help regular citizens of the state to vote, or to help people still trying to recover from corporate America’s bad behavior, but there is all the money in the world for this nonsense. How typical.

Featured image  via Youtube screen capture

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