Fox News In A Panic: Google Researches Ranking Websites By Accuracy Of Facts (VIDEO)

Imagine an Internet search engine that shows you top results not based on how many links to it there are, not how many hits it has, but how accurate its facts are. A search engine like that would certainly not benefit organizations like or dozens of others who refuse to post the truth.

Now imagine that search engine is Google, the choice of nearly 70 percent of all searches in America.

Unfortunately for Fox “News,” Google just may be developing that very system.

Fox has already begun running damage control, as one of its favorite topics to sound foolish about is climate change. No matter how much they parrot for big energy companies, they know that facts aren’t on their side.

They seldom are.

One of their go-to guys on climate denying is “Merchant of Doubt” Mark Morano. Together, Morano and Fox have begun a campaign against Google’s research, calling it censorship rather than what it is: a search for the truth.

Sorry Fox, but outlets like yours, “The Blaze,” “Townhall” and “Mr. Conservative,” will have to rely on direct hits from propaganda outlets rather than traffic from random searches if this new algorithm goes into effect.

You’ll notice there aren’t any left-leaning media sources scrambling to do damage control. MSNBC may post quite a bit of opinion, but what they post as fact is fact, whereas Fox “News” has been rated as factual 11 percent of the time.

And that’s a fact.

It won’t be long before conservatives all over the web start crying foul and urging their readers to start using Bing.

Watch Fox and Morano’s scramble via “Media Matters” below:

H/T: Media Matters | Image: Charles Topher via YouTube Screen Capture

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