Fox Dolts Claim Pope Is Pushing ‘Population Control’ If He Acknowledges Climate Change (VIDEO)

Pope Francis is preparing a statement on climate change that is scheduled to be issued sometime this fall, and Fox News is once again on the attack against the pontiff. The network, which has in the past rarely missed an opportunity to criticize the pope, is saying that the Vatican’s expected support of the science of climate change will ally Pope Francis with “enemies of the church.”

The report, narrated by Doug McKelway, aired on the Fox News show, “Special Report,” on December 30, 2014. It features quotes from Dan Misleh, of the group “Catholic Climate Covenant,” and Marc Morano, of Climate Depot. Misleh speaks in favor of the pope’s embrace of climate change, while Morano is critical, saying that there has been no “global warming” for some years, and that the “global warming narrative has weakened.”

The Fox News report doesn’t provide any information, beyond the names, about the affiliations of Misleh and Morano. The “about” page at Climate Depot fills in Morano’s bio, which includes a stint as an advisor to Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, who has been called the “climate change denier in chief.” By way of contrast, Dan Misleh served as a policy advisor to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops before becoming a founding director of Catholic Climate Covenant.

Fox News says Pope Francis is agreeing with “enemies of the church.”

It isn’t that the pope is going to agree with the scientists, and not the flat earthers, that seems to concern Fox News the most: it’s that he keeps agreeing with all sorts of people that the good folks at Fox just don’t like. The report goes on to list several issues that they say have created controversy for Francis, such as President Obama thanking him for helping broker the recently announced thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations. Then, to cap the list, they offer quotes from two conservative American church officials. “Does he [Francis] not realize the repercussions?” asks recently retired Francis Cardinal George.

To bring the segment to a close, reporter McKelway observes that if Pope Francis goes ahead with his encyclical on climate change, he will be “aligning himself with some church enemies,” including “a few environmental extremists who favor widespread population control, and wealth redistribution.” Who these “environmental extremists” are isn’t indicated by McKelway. In typical Fox News style, it’s just some more dung thrown against the wall, in an attempt to get it to stick.

It’s worth noting that McKelway joined Fox News after he was fired from his job at Washington, D.C. station WJLA. He was fired, according to Media Matters, because he got into a shouting match with his boss over a false report that McKelway did, which claimed that President Obama’s campaign received donations from BP. Fox News hiring somebody who was caught lying by another news organization? Just business as usual, at the “fair and balanced” network.

Here’s the video, via Fox News on YouTube:

H/T: Examiner | Image via screen capture

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