Flint Citizens Risk Having Kids And Homes Seized If They Don’t Pay For Water That Poisoned Them

Flint city government is continuing to charge its citizens for the poison water they have been selling to the people there, for over a year. Flint already pays some of the highest rates for water, up to $140 dollars a month, in the entire state. If the citizens can’t or refuse to pay for the water that the city willfully and knowingly poisoned them with for over a year, the city government can seize their children and foreclose on their home.

Remember, Flint is controlled by the state Republicans via an emergency manager. This is pro-life/pro-family Republican policy at its finest.

Michigan state law says that parents can be considered “neglectful” if they do not have running water in their home. If they refuse to pay for water that was completely unfit for its intended use, their water will get shut off and they then risk being guilty of child endangerment. There have been reports from activists in Flint that these threats have already been going out to citizens who refuse to pay their bills.

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While there may be a resolution to the issue of the city charging for water they knew was poisoned, via two class-action lawsuits, this leaves many not knowing what to do in the meantime. It’s very important to remember the context of what is happening as well. Michigan law does make exceptions, on occasion, if bottled water is available. However, running water still must be accessible at a close by location for showers and laundry. That is no guarantee they will let someone keep their children because having alternate access to water does nothing to prevent your home getting foreclosed on by the city for unpaid water bills. You could keep your kids, only to end up losing them because your family went homeless. Honestly, what the hell is going on in Michigan and why are people not arrested yet?

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