Fanatical AZ Prop 122 To Ignore Federal Government Favored But Sanity Is Not Down And Out

Healthcare and environmental programs may soon be under attack in Arizona — though it’s likely to be a waste of time and tax dollars

While Alaska and Oregon will be enjoying their newly relaxed marijuana laws, and Colorado is safe from the Personhood amendment, Arizonans are waiting white-knuckled  for the verdict on their “sovereign state law.”

Proposition 122, which gives voters the impression that AZ state can deny federal laws and funds when it serves their lunatic fringe legislative body and fanatical voters —  is too close to call with 300,000 provisional ballot votes still hanging in the air.

The current tally shows 51.4 percent voted ‘Yes’ on Prop 122  with ‘No’ votes trailing at 48.6 percent with 80 percent of the votes tallied.  The final results can take anywhere from 6-20 days to be announced.

This is what appeared on AZ state ballots:

The measure, if approved, would allow the state to opt out of federal laws deemed unconstitutional by the voters or the state legislature. Under the provisions laid out in Proposition 122, if this occurs, the state would be prohibited from devoting any resources toward enforcing the law, and the federal government would be tasked with enforcement.

To paint a picture of AZ state legislators’ grasp on constitutionality, they passed a bill earlier this year that made it legal for businesses to discriminate against the LGBTQ community and non-Christians on “religious” grounds. Luckily, it was vetoed by former Governor, Jan Brewer.

There is still a chance for Arizona!

While the measure won’t actually have the authority to allow salad-bar picking and choosing of which laws and programs to follow, it threatens to be a legal hell pit when our GOP-heavy state legislative body attempts to attack Arizona’s involvement with federal programs like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They do have campaign promises to fulfill, people!

Prop 122 was written long before gay marriage was legalized in this state, they just might try to attack that, too.

Arizona Sen. Chester Crandell, R-Heber, a primary sponsor on the bill who was fatally wounded after being thrown from a horse earlier this year (animals sense things right?), said:

I think we can all agree that the federal government is out of control. Look at Obamacare, excessive EPA regulations and the takeover of our automobile and financial industries. The forest service and EPA are driving many of my rancher and farmer constituents out of business. The federal government has their hands in every aspect of our lives.

Not all people agree. Mostly those who have any sort of  expertise in the U.S. Constitution can see that the proposition is just a Saguaro State way of picking up it’s toys and stomping away from playing with our central power.

The Arizona Republic pointed out:

Supporters promote the proposition as a means to rein in wasteful federal spending and stop bad laws. It does nothing of the sort. Rather, it says the state will restrict its support to actions that are constitutional. That’s not the same as refusing to carry out a federal law simply because they think it’s wasteful spending.

Beyond that, in our three-branch government, elected officials don’t decide constitutionality. The courts do. Prop. 122 would ensure full employment of lawyers. It is a temper tantrum that would solve nothing.

The votes are in; it’s just unclear if the provision will remain favored. If it does pull a majority, our new governor is behind the proposition fully.

Here is how the new law will read in the Arizona Constitution if the majority holds:

Prop 122

Prop 122 is AZ essentially granting itself the right to break federal laws and pick and choose which funds the state will accept. Ballotpedia

H/T: AZ Central Photo: National Review

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