Ex-Michigan GOP Lawmaker Makes The STUPIDEST Defense Of Flint Water Crisis Yet

The Michigan Governor, a few of his stooges and one unelected emergency manager appointed by the governor, willfully poisoned an entire American city for over a year. However, this former Michigan Republican says it’s no big deal. Thank God! I was nearly worried until he saved me from myself.

Bill Ballenger, a former GOP lawmaker and a current asshat, says that the REAL problem in Flint is “bad publicity.” He says that the entire crisis in Flint has been completely overblown and exaggerated. Ballenger even suggested that we might not want to use the word “poisoning,” and we should stop trying to assign blame to any elected people and instead work to solve the problem.

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If you think about what Ballenger said, he contradicted himself pretty badly. The whole premise of his current kerfuffle is that the Flint water crisis is not really a problem, and is way overblown by the media. Then he goes on to say we have to stop assigning blame and work to solve the problem…. that he just said didn’t exist?

It’s worth noting that Ballenger also said he has been drinking the water in Flint for “years,” even during this entire crisis and he is “fine.”

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There is no freaking way this guy was drinking this for years.

Folks, lead poisoning literally gives you brain damage. This explains a lot of what Ballenger is saying.

Needless to say, his comments were not well received. They were enough to get him fired from Inside Michigan Politics, a company he founded. The publisher called what he said “indefensible.” When you get fired from your own company, well, what can I say which that doesn’t already say on its own?

Watch Ballenger show just why drinking leaded water for years is a terrible idea below:

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