Emergency Manager Of Flint Just Gave The Ultimate F-You To Every Poisoned Citizen In The City


Picture it. An entire American city is poisoned intentionally by an unelected dictator that was assigned to it by a corrupt and sociopathic governor. After news broke of the issue, causing a nationwide scandal and completely exposing the conspiracy, the state promises to do everything it can to “fix things,” except they WON’T stop using the same water source that poisoned the entire city to begin with.

Yes, that’s correct. The unelected “emergency manager” of Flint Michigan, Jerry Ambrose, has given indications that he will override the city council’s 7-1 vote to stop using the Flint River for its water source. This is the exact same thing that caused the entire city to get dosed with massive amounts of lead poisoning for over a year.

This seriously is beyond belief at this point. The one thing to ensure that this will never happen again is going to be blocked by Governor Snyder’s appointed stooge.

Ambrose declared the vote “incomprehensible.” It’s hard to understand why Ambrose is so flummoxed by the notion of a city not wanting to continue risking poisoning of its citizens.

Ambrose went on to say how he doesn’t understand why the citizens would want to change water service from the Flint river back to water from Detroit, as water from Detroit is no safer than that from the river. Ambrose is completely lying when he says this. The Flint river water is exactly what caused the problem, with its high acidity corroding the pipes and causing lead to leech into the water. Detroit water is not going to cause this same problem.

The people have spoken, and they don’t want the risk any longer. However, if there is one thing that Republicans in Michigan have proven it’s that they don’t care about the people. Ambrose also is suggesting that if they return to Detroit water, the price of already extortion-level water bills will increase approximately 30%.

Does anyone else think that there is some kind of conspiracy happening to force the abandonment of Flint for a secret and probably corporate purpose at this point, or is it just me?

Featured image via mlive.com

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