Ebola vs. Influenza: It’s No Contest

Wash your hands to prevent flu this season

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Odds of you contracting Ebola virus disease (EVD) are slim to none. There’s a much better chance you will come down with the flu over the next few months. Seasonal influenza-related deaths kill, on average, 36,000 Americans each year. The MMWR study found that influenza A (H3N2) virus was twice as likely to lead to complications resulting in death, than either influenza A (H1N1) or influenza B virus. The CDC categorizes flu-related deaths in one of two categories: pneumonia and influenza, or respiratory and circulatory (R&C) causes.

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Washing your hands can help (unlike Ebola, influenza viruses can live on common surfaces for up to eight hours); getting a yearly flu shot is your best defense. Forty-five percent of both children and older adults (55+) get a flu shot each year; that number falls to less than 25% for most adults.

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