Creationist Kid Declares Dinosaurs ‘Fake’ And Tells Teacher To ‘Read The Bible’

This assignment’s instructions were relatively simple: Identify the dinosaur.

Most children would think this homework assignment was fun, as kids generally love learning about dinosaurs. I know my kids loved this chapter in science class. But not if you’ve been raised to believe the absurdity of creationism apparently.

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One little boy, or girl, in this science class, wasn’t having any of this nonsense about “evolution,” “fossils,” and well, “science” period. Instead of matching the pictures of dinosaurs to the correct names listed at the top of the page, this little bible thumping child wrote:




Via Reddit

Via Reddit

The assignment was posted on Reddit yesterday and has since gone viral. The comments on the thread were at least as interesting as the picture itself. Here are a couple of my personal favorites.

  • “This kid needs to get his facts straight. The creationist museum clearly shows dinosaurs and people living together side by side.”
  • “The Bible has words like “behemoth” and “leviathan” which clearly indicates acknowledgment er well at least a vague reference to…or rather some connection at least…ah f*ck it…it doesn’t mention the dinosaurs.”

While there is disagreement as to whether or not the image is real, or simply another internet fake, some of the stories in the comments give a terrifying glimpse into just how prevalent this kind of worldview is.

  • “Years ago, I had some neighbor kids that I would watch when their parents had work to do or what have you. Well we were in the back yard and one of them was digging shit up, and he found a bird bone or something. The father walked in the backyard to hear him say “Look a dinosaur bone!” and the father proceeded to scold and yell at the kid saying dinosaurs weren’t real and the earth isn’t old enough for them to be. It was a terrifying insight on some people’s beliefs.”
  • “I was working in a kitchen years and years ago, the bartender, who was a single mom, in her 40s was a pretty and fun to talk too. Somehow we got onto talking about Dinosaurs, to keep it simple, she said they never existed/bible etc, I asked about fossils, and she went on to tell me they are fake, planted there by the government and satanists……to make us belive Jesus/God doesnt exist…I told her she was fucked in the head and never spoke to her again…”
  • “My mom’s boyfriend believes in the same thing, as well as in the illuminati controlling everything and that Buddhists are satanists. I have a million stories about him.”
  • “Was this the kid that spawned that CPS throw down awhile back? The teacher failed him for several assignments that he would not participate in or acknowledge the lesson? Then the parents got all pissy cause their kid was just bombing all these classes, said something to the teacher about burning in hell so the school got CPS involved and almost took him away at one point? I remember it was in the Bible Belt, the sentiment was the school cannot bring religious ideology in from a teaching standpoint however the child/parents cannot either if it will affect the class as a whole.”

Real or fake, the best part is the note on the top of the page from the teacher: “F See me.” Assuming this is real, I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation!

Featured image via Reddit

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