Creationist Ken Ham Says Bill Nye Might Call For Mass Killings Over Climate Change

Ken Ham can’t get over the fact he was globally embarrassed by Bill Nye during a “debate” about whether the Earth is several billions of years old, or created last Tuesday by God. Ken clearly thinks it is the latter, and that he is the only one God let in on the secret.

Recently, Ham fired off an attack against the idea that climate change is something we should be worried about, on his blog.

We don’t need to be concerned about drastic climate change. Our climate, and the checks and balances that keep it operating within safe parameters, were designed by an all-wise Creator.

Ken Ham is, to put it simply, an idiot. He calls himself some sort of scientist but then links everything back to God, and some kind of magical God-based pixie dust. This man is not a scientist. He is just an overgrown child living in a fantasy land.

But wait, there is more and it gets worse. Ham continued on and started contradicting himself badly.

We certainly need to make sure we don’t fill our atmosphere with pollutants or punch holes in the ozone layer. But, we also need to remember that our atmosphere was carefully put in place by our Creator. God knew exactly what kind of atmosphere we needed and He gave us that atmosphere.

What does this mean? We need to not poison our atmosphere but somehow because God made it, we don’t REALLY have to not poison it? WTF?

He also said it was “inconsistent” of Nye to express concern for residents in coastal areas like Miami after raising the point about the Earth’s high population being a contributing factor. Nye had earlier pointed out the fact there are 7.3 billion people breathing and burning stuff, and all this heat energy is changing the environment. The comment about the number of people seemed to really set Ham off.

“Does he realize that, from his atheistic perspective, man is just an evolved animal and, in being consistent with an evolutionary ‘survival of the fittest’ worldview, population alarmists could suggest mass killings or forced sterilizations as possible solutions in reducing the population? I’m sure he would be aghast at such suggestions — but then on what basis does he anchor his morality and determine what is ultimately right and wrong in this world? It comes down to one’s worldview. What solutions are there in Nye’s game of ‘blame man and his increasing population’?”

Because, of course, bringing awareness to overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, and heavy and increasing pollutants due to a growing population = we need to go around exterminating billions of people, right? Ken Ham is seriously the worst kind of charlatan and fear monger. When you link anything as basic and common-sense as environmental conservation to the genocide of humanity you really just need to stop speaking.

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