Crazy Senator Inhofe Goes On Bizarre Rant To Prove Human-Caused Climate Change Is A Hoax (VIDEO)

Sen. Inhofe claims “God” is historically responsible for climate change by citing the Bible.

Today, the Senate heard some progress on the climate change debate, but while the Republicans took one step forward, they simultaneously took two steps back, once again proving they don’t understand the fundamental debate for action in reducing carbon pollution.

The scientific community largely agrees that increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are caused in large part by human activity. No scientist would ever claim that it is solely caused by humans or that it could ever be solved completely by humans, but that’s the position that Senate Republicans — namely Chairman of the Environment and Public Works committee, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) — try to argue against when legislation is introduced to address environmental issues. And that position isn’t just utterly wrong, it also shows that Sen. Inhofe has not an inkling of how carbon emissions are tied into increased transportation, machinery and abundant use of coal and oil.

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In an attempt to make Inhofe appear like a crackpot, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) introduced an amendment that plainly stated:

Climate change is real and not a hoax.

Whitehouse said that climate change is a real issue that will have a dire impact on his state in the future, being the coastal state of Rhode Island and that it is absolutely urgent to have real discussions on the matter.

Fully expecting Sen. Inhofe to argue against this point, Whitehouse made the mistake of leaving room for the climate-denying senator by not implicitly stating in the amendment that by climate change, he meant “carbon pollution directly caused by humans.” Inhofe agreed with the amendment and it passed the Senate 98-1.

In essence, Whitehouse tried to make Inhofe look like a fool because he thought Inhofe would argue that climate change in itself is a hoax, and climate change at this point in undeniable, but it didn’t work out so well for the Democratic party because the climate change denier didn’t take the bait.

However, Inhofe instead argued that man-made climate change is the real hoax, and then introduced his own amendment that stated this point.

Controlling carbon is a bureaucrat’s dream. If you control carbon, you control life.

The Oklahoma Senator then went on a diatribe using long-debunked alternative “scientific evidence” that global warming isn’t caused by excessive carbon pollution. Inhofe also rattled off evidence provided by TV weathermen and meteorologists. He even pulled a scientist who denies smoking causes lung cancer out of his back pocket to derail the argument that dumping massive amounts of carbon into the Earth’s atmosphere isn’t having any sort of negative impact.

Man can’t change climate.

He said that climate change is evident in the Bible asserting that God has been the cause of changes to the Earth in the past. Inhofe has cited the Bible in order to refute climate change in the past.

Scientists have an answer as to why the Earth has seen ups and downs climate-wise, and they know exactly which kind of carbon is the problematic carbon these days, but you won’t find any of their peer-reviewed papers in Inhofe’s evidence cache because the senator simply won’t hear the larger majority of scientists’ conclusions on the matter.

And so while the Oklahoma Senator did state that climate change is real and not a hoax, he walked back the argument, so the U.S. is no further ahead in the climate debate than before.

Check out the facepalm-worthy rant below:

H/T: Mother Jones | Photo: C-Span (screenshot)

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