Conservatives Were LIVID That Jimmy Kimmel Made Fun Of Palin – So He Made Fun Of Them Too (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel is quickly becoming one of the most biting conservative critics on television and it’s been fun to watch him work.

In a segment which hopefully becomes a norm, Jimmy Kimmel Live recently took on scientific ignorance coming from the right and specifically unloaded on Sarah Palin’s new pet project: The vehemently anti-science, criminally ignorant climate denial “documentary” called Climate Hustle.

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In the film, Palin sarcastically asks: “Oh, well, if 97 percent of all scientists believe that man’s activities are creating changes in the weather, who am I to question that?”

To which Kimmel responds: “Exactly — who are you to question that?”

But anticipating the conservative critics excusing Kimmel of just being a liberal hack, the host interviewed a number of actual scientists who patiently explained just how clear the existence of climate change is.

Despite all of it, conservatives were livid. Apparently only minutes after the episode aired, Kimmel began getting relentless hate mail from people who were upset that he exposed Sarah Palin’s stupidity and dared to support science.

Understanding that the writers of these poorly spelled diatribes were simply more fodder to prove how nonsensical the climate denial movement is, Kimmel decided to share a few of them with his audience the following night. (Warning: They are so dumb that Kimmel had to promise to his audience that they were real.)

Kimmel’s conclusion might be the most devastating indictment of right-wing stupidity we’ve ever heard:

You know some of it got me kind of mad with the ignorance, but ultimately after reading all of this, I’m now kind of okay with global warming wiping out the human race.

Sad but true!

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