CNN Totally Ignored This Earth Shattering Issue In The 5th GOP Debate

The 5th GOP debate was full of Donald Trump, along with foreign policy issues focusing entirely on ISIS and the Middle East. Some, however, are not happy that CNN chose to completely overlook another pressing national security issue: Climate change. After San Bernardino and the Paris attack, it’s natural that CNN would want to focus on ISIS and terrorism. However, the fact of the matter is that climate change is possibly a more pressing, long-term national security problem. The issue wasn’t even touched.

Republicans seem to be single-issue candidates, or they can only think about a couple of issues at a time. Right now, they’re thinking about ISIS, and we all know what they think about climate change, anyway. It’s entirely possible that CNN wasn’t just too focused on ISIS, but was also playing to the fact that the GOP is made up of the worst climate deniers there are. However, the terrorist attack wasn’t the only major foreign policy thing to come out of Paris. We have a major climate change agreement that 200 nations signed onto, and nary a whisper was spoken of it at the debate.

Clara Jeffery, the editor-in-chief of Mother Jones, was upset about it enough to tweet this:

Climate Change TweetThe Pentagon has said that climate change is a national security issue. The Pentagon! Climate change will aggravate poverty, which aggravates social tensions and leads to unrest. It will destabilize a lot of countries, which presents a threat to us. This is how climate change can contribute to terrorism. People who are desperate will go to extremes to protect themselves, even if it means stooping to terrorism.

It will cause war, too. Wars often get fought over resources, and dwindling resources means more war. Yet we have some GOP’ers, like Karl Rove, who idiotically refuse to believe that climate change is a problem because everyone living today will likely be dead by 2080. What he’s totally missing with that is that global conditions will worsen the entire time leading up to the year 2080.

Marco Rubio called the Paris climate deal an “unfunny joke.” Donald Trump invariably confuses climate with weather, and, like Senator “Snowball” Inhofe, claims climate change is a hoax because it’s cold in the winter. Ted Cruz calls climate change a religion.

Incredibly enough, Jeb Bush says that humans contribute to climate change. It’s amazing when a Republican actually has a semi-reputable point of view on something these days.

The Paris deal is an agreement to reduce carbon emissions across the world, and help poorer countries reach their goals. It’s huge, it’s historic, and we needed to hear what the GOP candidates think about it because 70 percent of Americans believe climate change is real. There has been a dramatic shift in the number of Republicans who believe that climate change is real, too.

CNN may very well have steered clear of it because they were unprepared for that deal to come out, they felt they were catering to viewers, or they didn’t believe that the candidates could actually answer questions about it that didn’t come from total ignorance, or weren’t lies. Whatever the reason, they failed massively on this, especially since climate change has a relationship to terrorism.


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