Climate Denier Trump Says He Needs To Build A Sea Wall To Save His Golf Course From Climate Change

Each and every single thing that Donald Trump says is a constant reminder why the rest of the world laughs at us. When it comes to the all-important issue of climate change–something that only Bernie Sanders has seriously addressed–Trump says he is “not a big believer in global warming.” Apparently he’s the classiest and smartest scientist in the world, as he’s also called it “a total hoax,” “bullshit” and “pseudoscience.” It honestly wouldn’t shock many if he decided to invade Antarctica and build casinos down there.

In case you have been paying attention for the last 30 years, Trump is all about Trump. So that means climate change only becomes a legitimate threat that’s wholly backed by science once it poses a threat to trump’s biggest concern: his wallet.

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Given how his solution to every problem somehow involves the construction of a luxurious wall, Trump is now trying to build a sea wall designed to protect one of his golf courses from that “bullshit pseudoscience.” Trump is applying for permission to erect coastal protection to prevent erosion at his seaside golf resort, Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland, in County Clare.

No word yet if he will deport El Nino and make it pay for it. 

This is so very typical of Trump; that is, publicly mock and willingly remain ignorant of a universally accepted scientific reality to appeal to his miserably uninformed supporters, all while secretly recognizing it as a threat and doing whatever he can to minimize the damage to his own private property. Even Republicans agree

It’s diabolical”‘ said former South Carolina Republican Rep. Bob Inglis, an advocate of conservative solutions to climate change. “Donald Trump is working to ensure his at-risk properties and his company is trying to figure out how to deal with sea level rise. Meanwhile, he’s saying things to audiences that he must know are not true. … You have a soft place in your heart for people who are honestly ignorant, but people who are deceitful, that’s a different thing.

Ever since McCain released the idiocy Kraken in Sarah Palin, Republicans wear willful ignorance as proudly as their fake patriotism flag pins. But it’s painfully obvious that Trump is speaking sh*tkicker as a second language, all while cynically addressing climate change for his own greedy self.

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