CLASSIC: Bill Nye And John Oliver Join Forces To OBLITERATE Climate Change Deniers (VIDEO)

There is no climate change “debate.” Human beings are causing catastrophic changes to the environment that will have us enduring harsher winters, hotter summers, unprecedented storms and droughts like the world has never seen. That is scientific fact, and the whole world knows it. The whole world minus the American Republican party that is.

Republicans are clinging to the three percent of scientists who say that climate change would happen with or without our help or that it isn’t happening at all. The bulk of those scientists are the Ken Ham types who also believe the world is 6000 years old or the type who work at Republican-driven think tanks, where thinking isn’t allowed.

Climate change denial benefits nobody but the wealthy, who want to continue burning oil at ridiculous rates, suppress any type of renewable energy they won’t make a profit on and push our problems off on future generations. They’ve been doing it for years. The problem is, time is running out. It isn’t some futuristic society that will be able to simply leave the Earth for one of our colonized planets, it’s this generation that will see the first in a long line of effects that could lead to the end or near-extinction of our own species.

We all know it, but sometimes we need things to post on our social media accounts to remind our crazy conservative Uncle Rudy. This video of John Oliver and Bill Nye working together does just that.


Watch Bill Nye and John Oliver’s simple visual argument that shows how dense climate-change deniers really are below:

Featured image via screen capture

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