Bernie Tells It Like It Is To Climate Change Denying Teen At Iowa Event

Bernie Sanders is such a man of the people that he decided to spend some time speaking to a crowd of snot-nosed teens who are too young to vote. Hopefully preventing a future Anne Coulter or WND contributor, the populist Senator and 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate properly explained climate change to the young climate change denier. It’s only a matter of time before Fox News starts saying that Bernie Sanders makes teenage girls cry and wants to redistribute their tears.

According to Mashable, a skeptical teen addressed the presidential candidate at a High School in Des Moines, Iowa. Here’s what she said to Sanders:

From looking at the evidence I’ve seen the last few years, she said, … I haven’t seen any actual scientific evidence that global warming is actually happening.

Something tells me this millennial isn’t binging on Bill Nye. But she is just 17 so let’s cut her some slack. After all, it’s not like she’s between 40-70 years old and receives six figures to make laws that affect millions.

Being a man who refuses to sugarcoat the truth or play to some manufactured focus group, Bernie politely shot down the misinformed kid.

Thank you for your question. You’re wrong, he said as the girl’s classmates broke into applause. I appreciate your point of view, he said, but I absolutely believe that climate change is real, it is caused by human activity and we need to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel.

This is why Republicans so dearly want to cut funding to schools, as it will enable them to learn things; consequently, no longer support them. The fact remains that the international scientific community overwhelmingly agrees that climate change is a real and caused by anthropogenic activities.  Moreover, this planetary emergency is starting to cause irreversible harm to our burning planet, including increased prevalence and severity of droughts, stronger hurricanes, floods, blizzards (like maybe 30 inches of snow in NJ in a single day), wildfires, and even infectious diseases. And let’s not even get started on the sea-levels-rising.

So let’s really hope Bernie set her straight before she becomes a Fox News contributor.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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