Bernie Sanders Slams Republicans For Their Continued Denial Of Climate Change And It Is Beautiful! (VIDEO)


Bernie Sanders (D-VT), has taken off the gloves when it comes to climate change and the constant, systemic refusal to acknowledge its existence by nearly the entire GOP. Not just that, but saying aloud the real reason that this denial is still happening, even in the face of certain evidence and settled science.

Bernie isn’t calling them stupid, though they rightly deserve it. He also isn’t debunking their easily debunked junk science from the fringe denying climate change, it has been done over and over again, and at every level, and it seems to be completely ineffective. He isn’t even digging out real science, photographs, or charts and graphs to try and convince them — once again it’s been done.

What Bernie Sanders is doing is calling a spade a spade, or in this case, a money problem exactly what it is — special interests and their GOP lackeys. More specifically, the money that the Koch brothers and the Fossil Fuel industry pours freely into American politics to keep Climate Change contentious, as in “unproven,” because if the right wing continues to deny its existence, so will their lemming-like, low-information followers.

“The day any Republican candidate gets up here and tells you the truth about climate change is the day they lose their campaign funding from the Koch Brothers and the fossil fuel industry.”

Watch this short video by NowThis from Twitter:

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