As The GOP Was Calling Obama A Weak Leader, He Got The Rest Of The World To Halt Climate Change

I want to know exactly how much President Obama is going to change the meaning of “lame duck” during what’s left of his second term. The guy just got the entire planet to unanimously agree to something. Contrast that to any two random Republicans. You couldn’t get them to agree on the color of poo. I can hear it already: Republicans will call this accomplishment another “failure of leadership.”

President Obama just got approximately 200 nations to agree to cooperate together on a plan that addresses climate change on a global scale, and we didn’t even have to invade a country to do it.

The entire free, industrialized world agreed unanimously under our president’s leadership, to enact deeper cuts in emissions to a level that would not only halt further rising of global average temperature – but also allow for a slow reduction in it as well.

In short, the agreement sets to limit the average temperature to 2 degrees celsius, with an eventual goal of 1.5 degrees. Along with the limitation curve, there was an agreement that the majority of the world’s fossil fuel reserves will be left to remain in the ground.

According to Think Progress:

‘1.5°C is a critical threshold for all ecosystems,’ Samantha Smith, leader of the Global Climate and Energy Initiative at WWF International, said in a press conference. ‘It’s the Arctic, it’s coral reefs, it’s tropical forests, but not the least, it’s every person who is living in the Pacific islands and a coastal area.’

CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions have leveled off and are projected to stay level into approximately 2030. This shows that raised awareness of climate change, coupled with new green and renewable technology has had a real impact before the agreement was even made. The purpose of the agreement is to ratchet up standards more incrementally over time, to meet a low enough level to sustain 2 degrees celsius or lower, and give humanity a secure future.

I am so proud of my president this day. Thank you, Mr. Obama, for leading the rest of the world into the territory where Republicans fear to tread.

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