An Idiot Tried To Debate Bill Nye On Climate Change Using NASA Facts–Then NASA Showed Up (SCREENSHOTS)

Bill Nye the Science Guy doesn’t work for NASA, NOAA or any other major research facility. He’s just a really smart guy who looks great in a bow tie that is good at explaining things in layman’s terms to people who want to learn about science. That being the case, he is, of course, all about facts and truth and has little patience for the kind of nonsense climate change deniers have to offer.

It’s no secret that Nye has offered Marc Morano of the new energy company propaganda film Climate Hustle $20,000 if he can prove the earth isn’t getting warmer. Predictably, Morano refused. Nye, who loves to be right, posted about the exchange on his Facebook page:

Right-wing shills at this point have no choice but to inject themselves into the conversation using information gathered from such legitimate sources as memes found on the Glenn Beck fan page and comments in private groups where patriots are planning to revolt against the government on their Hoverrounds. It would have been embarrassing enough had Bill Nye showed up, but when one of these idiots decided to attack NASA’s research, NASA showed up instead:


The blue check mark means that’s the real deal. The world’s foremost experts on the subject decided enough is enough and took some fools to school:


Oh, those pesky facts. Apparently, right-wingers love to justify their ignorance by pointing out that facts and statistics sometimes need to be adjusted for accuracy due to extenuating circumstances like the heat produced by a city full of people. Does that matter to imbeciles? of course not:


If at first you don’t succeed, repeat the failed argument someone else already tried and get even more charts, facts, and statistics to show what a fool you are. It’s the right-wing way. It’s never over until the smartest guy conservatives have to offer — besides senators with snowballs — drops by with a tidbit of information he picked up from a meme on Mr. Conservative. One final epic smackdown and NASA Climate Change gets to go back to doing what they do: figuring out how to save the planet:


Whoever was running the NCC Facebook page today had themselves a grand ol’ time at the expense of some truly stupid people.

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