Alaska Gov. Has SarahPalinitis, Calls For Drilling To Combat Climate Change Because Derrr.

It looks like the replacement for America’s favorite half-term governor isn’t much brighter.

While he may not be able to see Russia from his backyard, Alaska Governor Bill Walker (I) still declared this week that the best way to help the cost of fighting climate change is by drilling for more oil.

That’s a genius idea — and for his next trick, he’ll announce the best way to fight the cost of the War on Terror is by selling more weapons and resources to ISIS.

Surely Governor Walker realizes this is the problem, right?

At this point, the question of climate change is a settled one: it’s happening. NOAA agrees. NASA agrees. The USGS agrees. The NPS agrees. The DOD agrees. The CIA agrees. The IAU agrees. The Navy agrees. The ocean agrees. The atmosphere agrees. Over 97% of all scientists agree.

And the only people who disagree are the likes of Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, two men who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and humans were created by divine snot and dust — along with paid hacks for BP, Shell, and Exxon Mobil.

The writing is on the wall for all but the most adamant deniers. Having stalled progress for as long as they can, now deniers are shifting gears and attempting to dissuade people from doing anything about it.

Well, Governor Walker won’t have any of that. Walker told BBC News that too many coastal towns in Alaska were facing down the threat of erosion caused by climate change, but the state wasn’t in any position to help them, because of shortfalls caused by energy prices.

For instance, the town of Kivalina lost 10 feet of shoreline in a matter of hours last week and would cost about $100 million to move.

Alaska has no income tax (sound familiar?), so what’s Walker’s plan to raise money to fight climate change?

By producing more oil and gasoline, which account for 90% of the state’s revenues.

Yeah. It’s a little self-defeating.

“We’ve got about 12 villages in that same situation,” he added. “This isn’t something we can put off for 10-20 years… We have to begin this process now – it’s an absolute urgency for Alaska.”

Lois Epstein of the Wilderness Society noted:

What’s going on in villages is certainly of concern to me as an Alaskan but I think the governor knows there’s never going to be enough money to move everybody that needs to be moved as climate change continues to advance. It’s really not going to be something that the state is going to take on its own. The federal government is going to help, but we really need some bigger strategies to deal with climate change both as a state and a nation.

Other environmentalists slammed the governor’s plan, calling it a “simplistic solution.”

This plan definitely does not deserve to be called a “solution.” This isn’t fighting fire with fire, this is treating skin cancer with a tanning bed.

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