Will Ted Cruz Embrace Climate Change Now That He Calls It ‘A Religion?’ (Video)

One of the most amusing — and telling — tactics that desperate deniers of climate change have is to refer to climate change as “a religion.” It always comes across as a last-ditch tactic used by denier trolls on the internet, which makes it all the more amusing the Ted Cruz would invoke the claim, almost word for word, during an interview with Glenn Beck.

‘Climate change is not science’

Deniers have plenty of tactics. One of them is to deny that CO2 is a dangerous gas — since CO2 is the primary agent of global warming, by denying the dangerous nature of CO2, they seem to think they can undermine existing science.

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All it takes is a telescope and some knowledge of comparative planetology to realize this is BS. Venus’s atmosphere is 96.5% CO2. If CO2 is not dangerous, and it’s not causing warming, then it should have no impact on an atmosphere at all. That explains why the surface pressure is 98 bars, why the planet is hotter than the midday surface on Mercury, and why the atmosphere is multiple orders of magnitude more massive than the atmosphere of Earth.

They also like to claim the climate hasn’t warmed since [insert year here] — a claim they defend by skewing their statistics and cherry picking their data points. It’s also a claim easily dismissed, since last September was the warmest September since record keeping began 100-some years ago.

The climate has been warm before, they claim. It certainly has, but Mother Nature isn’t able to emit the CO2 as fast as human civilization has emitted it. And that’s why this is utterly catastrophic for nature and so different from those other periods in history.

Destroy all their talking points, and they fall back to the old ad hominem: “climate change is a religion.”

So it’s puzzling that this is the point where Ted Cruz starts:

Look at the language where they call you a ‘denier.’ Denier is not the language of science. Look, I’m the child of two scientists … The essence of the scientific method is to start with a hypothesis, then look to the evidence to disprove the hypothesis; you’re not trying to prove it, you’re trying to disprove it. Any good scientist is a skeptic; if he’s not, he or she should not be a scientist. But yet the language of the global warming alarmists, ‘denier’ is the language of religion, it’s heretic, you are a blasphemer. The response from the Sierra Club, ‘We have decreed this is the answer, you must accept it.’ And so he didn’t know his facts because he just knew his religion.

This isn’t how science works. This doesn’t even resemble the scientific method. The purpose of the scientific method is investigation; it doesn’t matter whether you prove or disprove a hypothesis, and if a persons starts with the dog in the race they will come to the conclusion they want. That’s how human cognition works.

And that’s why there’s a peer review process in science which confirms findings, denies findings, or uncovers something that the original scientist missed — to guard against human cognition and biases.

Not that Cruz can understand. I’m not sure he understands what “cognition” even is.

Watch Cruz make a fool of himself below

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