A-Hole Nestle CEO On Cali Drought: ‘I Would Increase Water Profits If I Could’

The drought situation in California is seriously starting to play out like the plot in Chinatown, only without the coolness of Jack Nicholson.  As the state remains in a drought and drier than Snoop Dogg’s mouth on 4/20, criticism of bottled water companies operating their factories in the state remains very high. Moreover, most ire is directed at Nestle and its uber d*ck of a CEO.

You may recall Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck once saying that access to water is not a public right, as if clean drinking water is like a luxury car or something. Of course the sociopathic Koch suckers in Congress are all too willing to privatize everything and readily appeal to this Ayn Rand brand of Libertarianism. Well, it looks like this d*ckishness trickles down in the company, as Nestlé Waters North America CEO Tim Brown had this to say regarding whether he would consider moving his company’s bottling operations out of California:

“Absolutely not. In fact, if I could increase it, I would,” said Brown to NASA hydrologist Jay Famiglietti’s inquiry  during an interview on AirTalk. 

“If I stop bottling water tomorrow,” said Brown, “people would buy another brand of bottled water. As the second largest bottler in the state, we’re filling a role many others aren’t filling. It’s driven by consumer demand, it’s driven by an on-the-go society that needs to hydrate. Frankly, we’re very happy [consumers] are doing it in a healthier way.” (SCPR.org)

But even as Nestle’s callous greediness and blatant disregard for the present environmental circumstances in California remain stronger than ever, Starbucks is showing that it has both common sense and decency. Well, that or it has a better PR dept. For example, following a Mother Jones investigation, Starbucks announced that it would be moving bottling operations for its Ethos Water brand from California to Pennsylvania due to the severe drought.

Since Nestle remains firmly defiant in the wake of overwhelming criticism, a petition was created by the progressive-leaning CREDO to hold Nestle accountable. It seems roughly 200,000 CREDO activists have agreed to tell the U.S Forest Service to stop Nestle from pumping water out of a national forest in drought-stricken California. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out and sign, then do click here and do so.

Featured image modified by Michael Hayne of IfYouOnlyNews.com

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