WATCH: Racist Georgia Principal Ruins A Graduation With Bigotry (VIDEO)

A high school graduation in Lilburn, Georgia was cut short recently by the ignorance of the school’s Principal.  After releasing the graduating class, she asked them to come back because she had forgotten to allow the valedictorian to speak.

That’s when the pandemonium happened.  Excitable high-schoolers weren’t eager to re-take their seats, so the Principal began berating them.  That’s when some people decided not to stay and continued filing out of the church where the graduation was being held.

“I think you’re being very rude,” said the Principal, “This young man’s speech deserves to be heard.”  The speech wasn’t heard in the first place because she forgot about it, and the people filing out were doing so in protest of her crass attitude.

That’s when the unthinkable happened.  The Principal, identified only as “Nancy,” said into the microphone:

Oh, look who’s leaving;  All the black people.

People immediately rose to clear out, because that kind of blatant stupidity has no place at a high school graduation.

Watch this High School Principal ruin a graduation with racism.

Featured Image:  Screen Capture

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