Trial Begins: Ethics Teacher Had Sex With Student ‘All Over School’

Stuart Kerner, 44, is currently standing trial for two counts of sexual activity with a child and six counts of sexual activity with a child by a person in a position of trust. However, the former Assistant-Vice Principal and ethics teacher denies any wrong doing on his part. Tomorrow, the man’s alleged then-15-year-old victim, will take the witness stand to support her version of events.

Mr. Tatford, the prosecutor in the case, said the girl will testify that on one afternoon in February, 2012, when she should have been in class:

She was having sex with Mr. Kerner in another part of the school.

According to the prosecution, the newly turned 16-year-old was, in fact, losing no less than her virginity to Kerner.

Bexle Heath Academy

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Some 90 minutes later, someone also allegedly used Mr. Kerner’s computer login details to change the official absentee record to suggest the girl had been present in class, the court was told. The court was also informed that the two had had sex, “all over school.”

Mr. Kerner’s defense team expects to launch a full-scale attack on the girl in response, and proclaimed in court earlier that she is a “devious and wicked liar.” Prosecutors admit that the girl has told outrageous lies in the past, but what girl hasn’t? The prosecution claims this did, indeed, happen.

One such lie the girl was caught in was once pretending to have been in a traffic accident to avoid attending her physical education class. She even went to the lengths of wearing a bandage around her chest to cover up the lie.

Mr. Tatford said:

Getting out of PE and making wicked allegations against a respected teacher are rather different things.

Tatford continued:

Why on earth would the girl change the register in the computer? She’s not trying to cover her tracks. She’s loving their sexual encounters. She’s telling all her friends about it.

Tatford said the pair had begun their relationship when Kerner slipped the girl a Post-it note telling her to meet him in an empty classroom, where he asked her:

What do you want?

She became shy according to Mr. Tatford, and said:

Well you know what I want.

The defendant then kissed her on the lips.

She looked down and said, ‘That’s what I want.’

She also claims they went to his house and had “sex all day.”

empty school classroom

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They apparently tried to break things off, but the relationship continued. The girl thought she was in love with Kerner. It wasn’t until after she was 16 that he allegedly showed her a condom that he was carrying around with him in his jacket and said:

This is in case you become too irresistible.

Kerner’s wife was at the court to support him as the trial began.

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