Right-Wing Christian Organization Warns About ‘Atheist Gestapo’

A Christian athletic organization called 4 WINDS Christian Athletics is angry at people who call them out for forcing religion down the throat of students involved in sports. So angry, in fact, that they’re putting out press releases warning about an “atheist Gestapo” that’s coming to take away their freedom of speech.

Godwin? Why yes, that is a Godwin.

“Christian free speech is being attacked”

Right-wing Christians love the thought of being martyred — it gives purpose and meaning to their otherwise empty lives while they sit around and wait for their Deus ex Machina to come along and end the world.

And as is usually the case, martyrs in a desperate search for martyrdom will often invent cases of persecution to bolster their claims. 4 WINDS, a sports ministry who claims to stand up “for Christian athletes and coaches” is one such agency.

Individual students are allowed to pray and bring their Bible, as they don’t disrupt class, and the same is true for school sports.

Given 71% of the nation is Christian to some degree, just about everyone knows at least one Christian. If they’re uncomfortable around Christians, it’s because they know that some Christians often confused the “a” form of the verb “pray” with the “e” form of the verb “prey.”

And that’s precisely why teachers and coaches cannot lead prayer sessions: it’s a captive audience, and young non-Christians feel like the lone sheep voting for a vegetarian pizza dinner against a room full of wolves who really want lamb. Individual prayer is okay, so long as it’s not disruptive. Prayer with a captive audience — i.e., indoctrination — is not. Most reasonable adults see this as an acceptable agreement.

Of course, this isn’t good enough for the crowd that never read Matthew 6:5. They’re not reasonable adults, and attempts to shield children from Christian social aggression are really just the actions of an “atheist Gestapo” attempting to undermine Christian free speech:

Atheists are trying to eliminate the free speech of Christian athletes and coaches.

4 WINDS, a sports ministry that stands up for Christian athletes and coaches, believes university and school sports are a target for atheists, as they use the popularity of sports to get their message out as campus leaders at the targeted schools are silent.

“The secular school system is a puppet of atheists even though they claim to be neutral,” says 4 WINDS President Steve McConkey. “Christian free speech is being attacked as most educators are trained at universities that have put God on the shelf and have accepted different forms of Marxism without God. However, many Christian teachers have not bought into the system.”

Bremerton High School, Seattle is on the verge of firing football coach Joe Kennedy for praying at midfield after games, with students joining him. He has done this since 2008…

“There is a new phase in the fight for Christian free speech,” states McConkey. “Obviously, there is a spiritual battle over our young adults. Once you oppose Christians on campus, anything becomes acceptable.”

Steve McConkey blames Marxism for it all, which is fair enough. Christianity has a history of Antisemitism, and since Jews are inexorably linked with Marxism and communism, and accusations that Jews are ruining Christian culture — however cowardly and veiled they are (see: “cultural Marxism“) — aren’t out of the norm.

It does make me wonder what he’d do if he ever found that Christians can be Marxists and communists too, but he’s probably so incurious and epistemically boarded up that it wouldn’t even register.


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