Racist Georgia Principal’s Son Says She’s Not Racist, Tells ‘N*ggers’ To ‘Come See Him’ (SCREENSHOTS)

Nancy Gordeuk learned the hard way this week that racism is unacceptable. After ruining a graduation ceremony in Lilburn, Georgia by being an ignorant bigot, she was fired from her job as principal.

She did, of course, issue a heartfelt apology, blaming the incident not on her own stupidity and racism, but on the devil:

The devil was in the house and came out from my mouth. I deeply apologize for my racist comment and hope that forgiveness is in your hearts.

Whatever, Nancy. You’re a typical Georgia racist put into a position you had no business being in, and now you’re unemployed. It seems Georgia has issues with hiring capable people with open minds for positions of authority over their children.

Proving that racism is a learned trait, Nancy’s son Travis took to social media to defend his mother. The New York Daily News took these screenshots of a couple of Travis Gordeuk’s Facebook posts about the incident:



They added that Travis also stated:

My moma(sic) not racist one bit she’s done nothing but help kids so yall (sic) need to get stories straight.

The racist son of an ignorant high school principal whose Facebook profile says he has a college degree really should be able to articulate better. Maybe something like this would be more in order:

My dear Mother was raised not just in the South but in Georgia, where we still lament the loss of the Civil War.  Racism here isn’t an issue, it’s a culture; one we deeply cherish.

On behalf of my dear Mother I would like to invite all of the African-American people who feel she has wronged them to my home for an afternoon of lively discussion about race-relations in America and the socioeconomic isolation of black people since slavery was abolished.

Nah. Travis went with “Y’all n*ggers…come see me face to face” and a derpa derpa dooo.

There may come a point when our entire society evolves past the point of racist stupidity, and what a welcome day that will be. One thing is for certain, Georgia will be one of the last bastions of the bigots.


Featured image: Facebook

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