Pants Sh*tting Psycho Ted Nugent Attacks Teen Girl And Demands Black People Obey White People

It was inevitable that Ted Nugent would weigh in on what happened in South Carolina recently and he didn’t disappoint, channeling his outer fascist lunatic to tell everyone that the a “basic life principle” for “anyone with a soul” is “obey.”

I’d laugh and say I can’t take that seriously, but saying that implies I ever took him seriously.

Telling unjust authority to get bent is respecting authority.

Authority is necessary in society. There’s no getting around it. Humans are not eusocial mole rats; there will always be people who look for unfair advantages against, cheat and hurt their fellow humans.

But when people like Officer Slam assaults a teenage girl because she defied what he wanted and he has the negotiating skills of a toddler, it damages the concept of legitimate authority. And Officer Slam isn’t the first cop to do this; Ferguson should still be fresh in the collective memory.

In the case of Officer Slam, the people who defend him and the people who are like him, telling them to get bent is respecting legitimate authority, by tearing down illegitimate authority.

I shouldn’t have to point this out. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., did this so much better than I could ever do back in 1963 when he wrote about “just” and “unjust” laws. What applies to laws applies also to the people who enforce those laws.

But this is all lost on the right-wing, and especially Ted Nugent. Nugent, being the preening, authoritarian coward he is, confuses “respect” for “fear” in his latest Worldnetdaily column:

I would like to obliterate the obscenity of political correctness yet once again by offering a huge Nuge thank you and SALUTE to Columbia, South Carolina, Senior Deputy Ben Fields. You know, that master of “improvise, adapt and overcome” good citizen cop all good Americans have come to admire and respect, who yanked the Spring Valley High School defiant brat out of her classroom desk and dragged her kicking and squealing like the disobedient punk she is.

As the liberal denial freaks recoil in feigned horror at such “unnecessary” violent disruption by the good officer Fields, I am proud to stand with the many millions of Americans who know damn well she had it coming, and clearly long overdue at that.

Here’s a basic principle of life for anybody with a soul: obey!

By all accounts, the brat, like so many undisciplined brats before her, simply refused to obey the rules, refused to obey the teacher, refused to obey the principal and refused to obey officer Fields.

By all these consistent indicators, how much do you want to bet she disobeyed her parents and every other authority figure her entire life, and got away with it?

Because Nugent has such a track record obeying President Obama, huh? Ted “I’ll be dead or in jail” Nugent, the man who talked about shooting Harry Reid? Who called the president a “subhuman mongrel?” Whose fans supported Cliven Bundy and his merry band of thugs and thieves?

Apparently, Nugent excludes himself from that “basic principle.” Given that he’s got more ego than he does anything else, and he’s writing the book on racism, I wouldn’t be surprised if the unwritten message there is “black people obey white people” — because sitting here, that’s what it sure sounds like to me.

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