Check Out The 8th Grade Immigration Homework That Has This Republican Dad Going Ape Sh*t (IMAGE)

Grace Davis, an 8th grade teacher at Shattuck Middle School in Wisconsin, is causing controversy for an immigration assignment that she gave out. One father is so annoyed with the homework that he has gone to the media to complain.

Davis handed the kids a political cartoon by Bennett at the Chattanooga Times Free Press that showed a brick pathway that represents a “pathway to citizenship.” A man, marked as a Democrat, is laying bricks to build a path, but a Republican is behind him lifting and throwing the bricks away thereby dismantling the pathway.

immigration school assignment with political cartoon.

Image via Facebook

Under the cartoon the teacher asks a series of questions about immigration policy:

  1. Who are the men in the picture (What is their job? Look at what they are doing for a hint)
  2. What are they building?
  3. What do the symbols on their shirts represent?
  4. What is action being done by each man?
  5. What might this mean to us about immigration and citizenship?

All legitimate questions but one father is not happy at all.

Scott Radies said that he thinks the teacher is trying to shape his son’s political beliefs and he was upset to see that the “other” side of the immigration debate wasn’t expressed:

I flipped it over to see if the opposite view was maybe on the other side of the homework assignment, but there’s nothing, just one side of paper.[Source]

He was so annoyed by it that he called Davis and complained:

She said that she was just trying to expose them to other views and I said ‘Well, some of the things that my son has been hearing in your class, it doesn’t seem like you’re giving the other view,” and she said, ‘Well, the semester’s not over.’

Immediately after reading this father’s outrage I thought: he must be a Republican. I was not wrong. He shared a picture of the assaignment on his Facebook page and accused the teacher of trying to brainwash his kid.

immigration school work posted by angry father.

Brainwash by showing the kid a totally accurate political cartoon? Republicans are constantly trying to stop progress towards immigration reform.

He claims he wants his son taught the “other side” of the argument, but what is the other side? Oh yes, that’s there is nothing wrong with the system as is and there is already a pathway to citizenship. Bahahahahahahahaha!!!

As someone who has had many dealings with the current pathway I can say from experience: the system we had prior to Obama’s executive actions was not a pathway to citizenship.

What we had was a rocky path that requires you to jump through rings of fire and hop over hungry beds of alligators. And many times, that pathway led to a dead end.

I know that conservatives hate their dirty truth being told, but oh well. This is what education is for.

Featured image via Chattanooga Times Free Press

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