Catholics Hand Out Pamphlets About Wanking And Abortion…To Elementary Students

People are under the impression that the Catholic Church has become some progressive version of itself since Pope Francis put a slightly friendlier face on a millennium and a half year old political and financial force to be reckoned with, often overlooked as a world-power.

Make no mistake. While Pope Francis is careful not to hurt the feelings of the people he figures are going to hell anyway, in the end the Catholic Church has changed very little.

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Case In Point: Star of the Sea Catholic School in San Francisco recently handed out pamphlets to elementary school students before they attended confession. The material wasn’t quite as progressive as Pope Francis would have people believe the church has become.

The pamphlet, titled “The Examination of Conscience and Catholic Doctrine,” asked students, who should be worried about whether or not their bus will get them home in time to watch Sponge Bob, some pretty serious, and very adult questions:

Did I perform impure acts by myself (masturbation) or with another (adultery, fornication and sodomy)?

Elementary school runs through the fifth grade, with students ranging from 5 to 11 years old. Is this a pre-emptive strike against puberty and nature or are the Catholics who run this school really this ignorant? The pamphlet continues:

Did I practice artificial birth control or was I or my spouse prematurely sterilized (tubal ligation or vasectomy)?  Have I had or advised anyone to have an abortion?

#Whatisligation? was probably trending within minutes. Dozens of third grade girls began to weep when they realized they looked up Planned Parenthood for Barbie and Ken.

Parents were of course mortified, because what kind of lunatic gives that kind of pamphlet to a little kid?

The answer is quite simple. Catholic lunatics. This is the same diocese that decided to stop using girls at the altar because they want more boys to become involved and join the priesthood.

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, who is in charge of the local Diocese in San Francisco, recently made it clear that if he gets his way, teachers in Catholic High Schools will lose their jobs for escorting people to abortion clinics or other violations of a new “morality code.”

Very progressive indeed.

The Catholic Church is in a position to influence millions of people in America, and it seems the only advice they have is to roll back your calender to 511 A.D.

Don’t expect to see the Buddy Christ anytime soon.


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