Anti-Education Republicans Hate History And Here’s The Real Reason Why

Last week we told you about anti-education lawmakers in Oklahoma voting to rid the state of Advanced Placement U.S. History classes. Now other red states– North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Georgia– are also trying to ban the course.

Republican lawmakers have said that the class only teaches what’s “bad” about American history. That it doesn’t shine a light on the concept of American Exceptionalism. You know, that neoconservative ideology that says this country is the best country in the whole wide world in the history of forever.

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As I’ve said before, I believe that Teapublicans are constantly attacking education because they need to keep our kids uneducated to ensure that they have imbeciles voting for them for years to come. While that is definitely part of it, thinks there is another reason:

And that’s the simple fact that the history of the United States is the history of the continuous progressive transformation of this country.

All the great accomplishments of US democracy, from the revolution itself to health-care reform, have been progressive accomplishments and they’ve come about because progressives rallied for change and said “no” to the old order.

Ding, ding, ding!

The “party of no” has been saying no for as long as this country has been in existence. The author of the article lists everything progressives have initiated and conservatives opposed from the Revolution itself, to freeing the slaves, to women’s rights and child labor laws, right up to the silly idea that we should talk care of our aging citizens with social security.

It’s all true. Republicans hate real history and if they do talk about it, they rewrite it. For example, if you’ve ever had a discussion with a conservative about the Civil Rights Movement they will scream until they are blue in the face that Democrats opposed the movement. But, if you ask them if those Democrat were liberals or conservatives and, hey, where did all of them go? They will refuse to answer. Conservatives know full well that those racist and mostly southern Dems moved to the icky world of Republican racism, where they were happily embraced.

The author of the Truthout nails it with this:

They’re worried that if young people study real history, not the Reaganized fluff Republicans are pushing, they’ll realize that conservatives have been on the wrong side of history for the past 200 plus years.



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