Why Charles Koch May Actually Mean It When He Calls For Cutting Off Corporate Welfare

Billionaire political puppet-master Charles Koch told a group of some 450 Koch-whores at a conference Saturdaythat he thinks it’s time to cut off corporate welfare.

Now, it might be easy enough to roll your eyes and assume he’s just full of shit, saying one thing and meaning another. A statement like that more times than not would mean a heavy increase in corporate welfare, most likely. That’s the kind of double-talk Americans have become used to navigating, and unfortunately, expecting from politicians on the regular, which is why both Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders are both getting a lot of coverage in the media these days – they speak plainly and they speak frankly. They don’t duck and dive direct answers to tough questions, and they don’t mince words. Love or hate their responses, both speak quite forthright.

And you can add the much beloved, much-pleaded for a run for the presidency, Elizabeth Warren, to that group as well, not to mention the Green Party’s Jill Stein.

All these candidates have created a buzz about them for their consistency of character and their unapologetic beliefs. Perhaps Charles Koch is taking a cue from the pack and is speaking forthright, himself now. After all, if you’re at the top of the global financial totem pole and you suddenly greenlight the end to corporate welfare and cronyism, who is going to be most affected but the smaller moguls, CEOs and tycoons beneath you? It would essentially allow the Kochtopus to choke out and absorb a vast number of companies and assets across the globe, and most likely at bargain prices, all while spreading the seemingly populist message of ending corporate welfare. Bravo, Charles Koch. Well done.

In other words, the Kochs got theirs and screw you. Like the blob, Koch Industries seeks to grow bigger and bigger, and in order to do so it will consume anything in its path. Chuck’s got just the honey tongue to sell it to you, too.

So don’t be quite so quick to roll your eyes and assume Charles Koch is speaking out of both sides of his mouth now, because… well, actually he is, but maybe not quite in the way you think he is. He may well mean what he says and very well intend to put a stop to corporate welfare altogether. After all, he certainly doesn’t need it anymore, himself, does he.

What this is, see, is just the uber-rich – that proverbial “1 percent” you’ve heard so much about – beginning to cannibalize the next rung up on the financial food chain. They’ve bilked the middle class out of everything it had, and they’ve long stolen everything they can from the poor, so the moderately rich, and perhaps a little higher beyond that, are next on the menu. That likely means small business owners and the multi-millionaire set.

Koch stated Saturday:

Where I believe we need to start in reforming welfare is eliminating welfare for the wealthy. This means stopping the subsidies, mandates and preferences for business that enrich the haves at the expense of the have nots.

What a glorious, glorious man – don’t you think?

And to those who would doubt Chuck’s sincerity, he has this to say from a USA Today interview last April:

We’re doing all this to make more money? I mean, that is so ludicrous.

Yeah, what on earth gave you the impression the Koch brothers are motivated by money?

But shut down corporate welfare? Watch out now – Chuck just might mean it.

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