Wal-Mart Calls Cops On 11-Year Veteran Worker For Speaking Out About Fair Wages

Wal-Mart, America’s first corporate welfare queen superstore and purveyor of type-2 diabetes, continues to thwart any efforts at offering living wages. After all, it benefits greatly from its workers’ poverty. Case in point, Wal-Mart receives between 25 and 40 percent of all food stamp spending.

Wal-mart has a sordid history of arresting people demanding livable wages at public protests,  but arresting one of its long-time and devoted slaves workers for merely suggesting better wages for his fellow slaves workers is a whole new level of scumbaggery. 

Ismael Nunez, an 11-year associate at a Klamath Falls store who has been tirelessly standing up for better working conditions at Wal-Mart for its associates and customers, recently found himself being escorted out by police. It seems Ismael was disciplined for productivity, even though he had been doing the job of many other people.

Worse yet, a totally douchey manager (think Lumbergh from Office Space) called the police on Ismael and had him escorted from the store. Reason?  Ismael had the unmitigated gall to suggest that he and his fellow employees be given a wage that enables them to live on a non-Ramen noodle diet.

In short, if you speak out, you will be disciplined. Ismael has been fighting for fair wages ever since participating in a three day strike last November.

An open letter has been put out in support of Ismael, via SOJWJ.org

Wal-Mart: Put Ismael back to work

To: Kelly Cooper
Klamath Falls Store Manager

Ismael Nunez, an 11 year associate has been standing up and speaking out for better working conditions at Wal-Mart.   He is a leader in the movement for $15 & full time at Wal-Mart.

In retaliation of Ismael speaking out, Wal-Mart suspended Ismael without pay.  What’s more they called the police on him to have him escorted from the store!

Tell Wal-Mart to put an end to the silencing of workers when they speak out.   Reinstate Ismael today!

Call Ismael’s store manager Kelly Cooper at 541-885-6890 and tell her to put Ismael back to work today!

H/T: SOJWJ.org

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