Viral Photo Of A Hospital Bill For Childbirth Shows How Broken American Healthcare Is (IMAGE)

It isn’t any secret to Americans that their nation’s healthcare system is terribly broken. Even with Obamacare helping much better than expected, there is still a risk for many who are unable to find affordable coverage due to state level obstruction by Republicans.

Twitter user @yumiyoko ran into just this situation. She needed to be hospitalized for emergency childbirth after she suffered a minor stroke. Doctors induced her immediately due to the stroke, and delivery was successful. All seemed to be going well for her — until she got the medical bill.

Viral hospital bill

Hospital bill. Photo: @yumiyoko Twitter

The monetary penalty that Republicans force onto women who give birth in America is more than many people can earn in an entire year at their job.

Let’s be very clear on this as well. It is the Republican party that is causing this. Progressives wanted to go for universal healthcare back in 2009 but they couldn’t get it because of Republican opposition. The same party that wants to bankrupt women and families for having children is the same one that wants to ban abortion and contraception. Let’s think about that for just a minute, while we remember how much Republicans talk about “family” values.

A similar situation happened to British tourists when they were charged $200,000 for the premature birth of their child while they happened to be in America. Luckily, due to massive exposure in the media, the hospital caved and decided to work with their UK insurance, promising they would be covered.

America continues to have the richest and most advanced economy on Earth while simultaneously having no money to take care of its sick people. Other nations far less rich and advanced, can do this. Saudi Arabia, which is by no means a “progressive” nation does it. Even Kyrgyzstan does it, and half of Americans probably have no idea what or where Kyrgyzstan is!

Compared to other countries, the U.S. healthcare system should be a complete embarrassment. To put this into proper context, Libya ranked 25th while the U.S. ranked 44th. That’s right. The same Libya responsible for Benghazi has us beaten by almost double. We only beat Iran by two spots at 46th. Do you remember all the times Republicans said that the American healthcare system is the best in the world? For who is it the best exactly?

We need universal healthcare in America. Obamacare was a good start, and it definitely got a foot in the door for millions in need. It just simply is not enough.

Featured image via Twitter

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