UNBELIEVABLE! The Secret Healthcare Luxuries Handed Out To The 1%

Healthcare has come front and center in the last few years as a defining issue in today’s political partisan bickering. Thousands of people, for generations, had been living below poverty levels and struggling to make ends meet, most of whom had no access to affordable health insurance. Stuck in the gap between being eligible for Medicaid (a government insurance program afforded to the poor whose income does not pass a certain threshold) and being able to afford any insurance on their own, they gambled with the system. Stuck with choices like paying rent or paying their health insurance, many opted to have a roof over their heads.

Sadly, many are still stuck in those same predicaments today. The Republican-controlled states have successfully engineered a social agenda to convince their red-blooded American voters that by not creating exchanges, they are in fact doing them a favor. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as those state exchanges would only work to enhance more affordable healthcare for all its citizens. So the Republicans are still blocking the same help that was passed into law back in 2010. Now, the ball is in their court to attempt to set up an exchange state-by-state for these Republican holdouts, which will likely be the same plan already given to us by Obamacare.

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The problem with Obamacare being viewed as a leftist communistic plot to take over the national healthcare systeam is that it is actually a conservative healthcare plan that was written in 1989 by the Heritage Foundation, and was presented to the Senate in 1993 by conservative Republicans and received bi-partisan support, although it did not pass into law.

The individual mandate was a conservative concept that was brought to life by the conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation, although when it was made into law in 2010 they were the biggest proponents of repealing the law. Clearly, there is some confusion going on in the Heritage Foundation…or they sold out to the corporate overlords. One can never tell these days.

One has to wonder that with something as volatile as this issue why Congress won’t act for what’s in the best interest of their constituents. Doesn’t Congress know and understand the plight of the average American? Do they not see the need for healthcare reform (even now)? Do they not experience it?

The answer to all three is a resounding “no” apparently.

And here’s why.

When Alexandra Robbins went on a year-long investigative journey to discover what the problems with the healthcare system are, where the disconnect with Congress is, and what can be done to fix the problem, she went directly to the source of those who intricately know the healthcare system best. No, not the doctors. She went to The Nurses, which also happens to be the title of her new book.

Across the nation, she found disturbingly similar patterns wherever she went. VIP rooms and VIP floors that are entirely set aside on the off-chance that a celebrity, judge, senator, congressman, or a member of the wealthy elite happens to take ill. The nurses have been forbade to use those rooms for any but the members of the wealthy elite.

At one hospital, there was a room specifically maintained only for the use of a very famous person with a very crappy heart. They’ll get the best food, the nicest rooms, the most accommodating physicians and the nurses who are easiest to push over. The hospital left the VIP section completely empty unless a VIP was present. No intermingling!

– Anonymous Virginia Nurse

So, should a hospital become overfilled or there be patients of lower socioeconomic status waiting in the emergency room then there is absolutely no way these nurses are allowed to utilize those facilities. Which brings us to the next line of questioning – what are these facilities? Why are they so different?

According to one New Jersey Nurse interviewed by Robbins :

Sometimes they will get a one-on-one nurse or we are all told to give them extra special treatment. I have seen critical patients who should be next to the nursing station moved so that a relation of a board member, a big donor, or celebrity could have the better room even if their condition didn’t warrant that level of observation. At another local hospital they had an entire VIP section set aside; those rooms were not to be used for the riffraff.

With this personal and intricate level of care being afforded to our Congressionally elected leaders, their families, and connections it is no wonder they don’t understand the plight of the Americans they represent. This shocking exposure of the abuse of the health care system needs to be examined. It is an outrage that the leaders who are holding hostage the implementation of universal health care are benefiting from it themselves and then abusing their power and privilege, to take away treatment for other “poorer” patients, because they need coddled and treated like they are out on a fine-dining holiday.

Will anything be done? Will this even be investigated? Or will the status quo remain?

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