Trump Thanks Himself In The Third Person With Most Awkward Tweet Of All Time

Trump tried to invent a catchphrase tonight and it didn’t go well: “Thanks Donald!” – stolen, naturally, from his predecessor – probably won’t take off, but it won’t be from lack of trying on Trump’s part.

In what has now been three straight days of awkward, unhinged tweeting, Trump sent a message congratulating himself for the booming economy Obama is leaving him with. Like any good narcissist, it appears Trump plans to take all the credit for Obama’s achievements before he ever sets foot in office.

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Trump’s boast fails to note that Obama’s been overseeing the steady climb of consumer confidence for years, with this latest report just a continuation of a pattern.


Trump also failed to note that whenever a new president takes office, the consumer confidence index jumps. People invariably expect a new president to change things for the better because, well, they haven’t done anything yet. It’s measuring wishes. And guess what? Obama’s was a bigger jump after he won in ’08 than Trump’s is today. Obama also saw the index steadily climb ever since as his plans to save the economy after the recession produced a huge economic turn around.

Thanks Obama.

What’s most deranged about Trump’s tweet, however, is the fact that he has now taken to referring to himself in the third person. He may still be a month away from office but his megalomania is already showing. And just yesterday he seemed to also take credit for Christmas, again praising himself for encouraging people to go Christmas shopping.

The fact that he wants people to praise him for accomplishments that he isn’t responsible for is pathetic and desperate. This is a man who needs affirmation more than he needs real results. He’d rather you thank him for something he hasn’t done than earn gratitude through hard work and achievements.

No thanks.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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